Insurances offered by CityInsurance

  • Car Insurance

    Car Insurance

    You know that if you are guilty of a road accident and you do not have a RCA insurance you will be the one to cover all repair costs.

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  • Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    For each of us the holiday is the most anticipated moment of the year. Travel insurance abroad takes care of all unexpected things that may occur.

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  • Home Insurance

    Home Insurance

    Home means for each of us: quiet family, safety, happiness and fulfillment. That's why it's important to choose the insurance that suits you best.

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  • Second Medical Opinion

    Second Medical Opinion

    When we talk about oncological diseases, there are chances that the diagnosis is not definitive or that there are other treatment options. To make sure you make the best decision for your life, take out insurance for two medical opinions.

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  • Personal Accident Insurance

    Personal Accident Insurance

    Because accidents are unforeseen, they can occur in the most unexpected moments. You also take out personal accident insurance in order to benefit from financial protection by covering medical and compensatory expenses in the event of an accident.

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  • Warranty Insurance

    Warranty Insurance

    Guarantee Insurance, an advantageous alternative to the letter of guarantee and an efficient financial solution that supports companies by unlocking their liquidity.

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  • CMR insurance

    CMR insurance

    In order to protect you financially from any material damages that you should suffer, City Insurance provides you with the Carrier's Liability Insurance as a carrier for the transported goods (C.M.R.)

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  • Perfect Pet Cover Insurance

    Perfect Pet Cover Insurance

    Leave in our care the unexpected expenses for your friend's health with the first insurance in Romania dedicated to pet insurance.

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