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  • Accidents of hunters and fishermen

    Accidents of hunters and fishermen

    When you are a hunter you know very well that the weapon is not a toy, and fishing, although it seems a very quiet activity, is not without risks. Accident and civil liability insurance for hunters and fishermen takes into account all the risks that your passion entails and offers you special coverage for these activities.

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  • Accidente sportivi

    Accidente Sportivi

    Whether you are a performance athlete or an amateur, you are at high risk of injury. Conclude an Accident Insurance for athletes and be protected for accidents that occurred during the insurance period, as a consequence of participating in competitive sports, as well as related training. It is in your power to be prudent

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  • Accidente calatori bagaje

    Accidente calatori bagaje

    Even on a frequently traveled road, road accidents can occur with undesirable consequences for people in the vehicle. With an accident insurance policy for passengers and luggage, you can benefit, both as a driver and passenger, from compensation for permanent disability (total or partial), death or damage / destruction of luggage in the vehicle, in case of a road accident in which the vehicle mentioned in the Police was involved.

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