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  • RCA insurance can be concluded online by: any major natural person or the legal representative of a legal person.

  • Enter the owner's personal identification number. We need this data to provide you with the actual RCA policy, we use the insured CNP and the vehicle identification number (chassis series) to identify the number of damages registered in the CEDAM database and establish the bonus / malus class .

  • You can find your registration number at position 1 in the old counter or position A in the new counter.
    If the insurance is for registration, do not fill in the registration number.

  • The identification number (chassis series) can be found at the E-position in the new calliper or position 3 in the old caliper.

  • Autoturism

    Motocicleta, moped

    Autobuz / Autocar


    Remorci / semiremorci

    RCA insurance can be concluded online for: cars, motorcycles, vans. The vehicle category is in the J1 position in the new type or the 6th position in the old type.

  • cm3

    The climbing capacity of the engine is at position P1 in the new calliper or 17 in the old throttle.

  • Number of seats is found in S.1 in the new calipers or 13 in the old counter.

  • kW

    Enter the maximum power (kW) in the Coulter. It is in the P.2 position in the new type or the 17th position in the old type.

  • kg

    The maximum weight is found at F1 in the new calf or position 11 in the old counter.

  • RCA policies are issued following the old ones and not before 30 days from the expiration date of the old ones.

    select date

    Issuing a valid policy starting today is only available for vehicles for registration !

    The RCA insurance policy may take effect from the day following the payment of the insurance premium. A policy for which an offer has been made and has been paid online with the card may take effect the following day. If you want to make a traditional payment (OP, pay at partner banks, online banking) then the first day of validity of the policy will be at least 4 days from the date of the offer.

  • Conditions
    RisksAssured amountInsurance premium
    Permanent invalidity
    *Select the insurance premium to see the insured amount.
  • Conditions
  • Conditions
  • Conditions În baza prezentei clauze și în schimbul plății primei de Asigurare, Asigurătorul acordă despăgubiri către propriul asigurat RCA în cazul producerii unui risc acoperit prin asigurarea RCA, numai în condițiile îndeplinirii cumulative a următoarelor:
      • accidentele auto se produc pe teritoriul României;
      • vehiculele implicate în accidentele auto sunt înmatriculate/înregistrate în România;
      • prejudiciile sunt produse exclusiv vehiculelor;
      • ambele vehicule implicate în accidentul auto au asigurare RCA valabilă la data producerii evenimentului;   • prejudiciile exclud vătămarile corporale.

  • Yes





    People with locomotor deficiencies
    Auto folosit pentru:
    Normal activity
    Rent a car, driver school, guard and protection, interventions, courier, transportation of pharmaceuticals
    Companies with distribution activity
  • Yes



    Auto electric

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