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  • Lawyer Civil Liability Insurance

    You are directly responsible for the quality of the work done for the benefit of customers and you do not allow yourself to make mistakes that can cause damage and can significantly affect your budget. In order to protect yourself from the financial consequences of your mistakes, there is the Professional Liability Insurance of lawyers that provides financial protection in case of non-fulfillment of professional obligations due to errors, omissions or negligence and aims to take damages caused to clients (beneficiaries of professional services) , for the act committed through fault in the exercise of the profession of lawyer.

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  • Mediator Civil Liability Insurance

    Even if making a mistake is human, it is rational to protect yourself as much as possible from the financial consequences of mistakes that can affect your budget. For this situation there is the optional professional civil liability insurance of the mediators that covers the damages caused by the Insured, through fault, to the beneficiaries of the professional services with which he concluded a written mediation contract.

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  • Notary Civil Liability Insurance

    When you work as a notary, any mistake can lead to legal problems or financial losses for all parties. Therefore, it is important to have a specific professional insurance that provides coverage for material damages caused to customers, as a result of acts committed through fault and for which it becomes liable under the service contract, the law and the Code of Ethics and professional.

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  • Expedition House Civil Liability Insurance

    As an intermediary in the field of road transport, you are responsible for organizing the transport under the terms of the contract concluded between the customer / beneficiary and the intermediary. The Liability Insurance of the Shipping Houses covers the damages caused by the Insured to its customers, with which it has concluded a written contract for the provision of services, signed by both parties, as a result of acts committed through fault (omission, negligence, error) during and / or in direct connection with the activity of intermediation in the road transport of goods or persons, for which it is authorized.

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  • Accountant / Auditor / Fiscal Consultant Civil Liability Insurance

    A human error can occur at any time, especially when the check involves many digits. No matter how well prepared and attentive the chartered accountant, auditor or tax consultant is, it is best to consider the possibility of error. To be fully protected in this case, City Insurance has developed an insurance product that protects you from expenses arising from omission, negligence or error.

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  • Evaluator and Technical Expert Civil Liability Insurance

    Choosing professional liability insurance gives you protection against errors, omissions, mistakes or negligence in connection with the services you provide under a business-specific service contract, such as: valuation of financial assets, valuation of businesses, valuation real estate, valuation of movable property, etc.

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  • Insolvency Practicioner Civil Liability Insurance

    For insolvency practitioners, the provision of professional compensation, which covers all their actions, is particularly important. Wrong actions, omissions or negligence lead to unpleasant or even serious situations, for which you need coverage. Liability insurance provides financial protection in case compensations have to be paid to a client, for damages caused to him through fault, as a result of the activity performed.

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  • Medical Personnel (Malpractice) Civil Liability Insurance

    This insurance protects doctors and other healthcare professionals from allegations of patients claiming that their negligent actions caused their injury. Medical malpractice insurance is essential for nurses, dentists, opticians, physiotherapists or anyone else who provides medical services. A malpractice insurance policy provides peace of mind and protects against expenses that may result from various lawsuits.

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