Asigurari oferite de CityInsurance

Asigurare de tractare

Politele de tractare pot fi emise cu valabilitatea peste cel mult 7 zile calendaristice, de la data emiterii

CalculeazaCompleteaza dateleConfirma polita

Perioada asigurataSuma asigurataPrima de asigurareAlege
1 luna 500 RON 10 RON
2 luni 500 RON 12 RON
3 luni 500 RON 14 RON
4 luni 500 RON 16 RON
5 luni 500 RON 18 RON
6 luni 500 RON 20 RON
7 luni 1000 RON 22 RON
8 luni 1000 RON 24 RON
9 luni 1000 RON 26 RON
10 luni 1000 RON 28 RON
11 luni 1000 RON 29 RON
12 luni 1000 RON 30 RON
  • TOW insurance can be concluded online by: any major natural person or the legal representative of a legal person.

  • Enter the owner's personal identification number. We need this data to provide you with the actual Tow policy;

  • Autoturism


    Autobuz / Autocar



    Tow insurance can be concluded online for: cars, motorcycles, vans. The vehicle category is in the J1 position in the new type or the 6th position in the old type.

  • Numarul de identificare (serie sasiu) il gasiti la pozitia E in taloanele noi sau pozitia 3 in talonul vechi.

  • Numar locuri o gasiti la pozitia S.1 in taloanele noi sau pozitia 13 in talonul vechi.

  • kg

    Masa maxima o gasiti la pozitia F1 in taloanele noi sau pozitia 11 in talonul vechi.

  • select date

    The Tow insurance policy may take effect from the day following the payment of the insurance premium. A policy for which an offer has been made and has been paid online with the card may take effect the following day. If you want to make a traditional payment (OP, pay at partner banks, online banking) then the first day of validity of the policy will be at least 4 days from the date of the offer.